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CPP is a collection of 9.999 programmaticaly & randomly generated NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.
These peas are looking to do some good: 50% of primary sell earnings will be given to charities among ecology, healthcare and nutrition.


Let's talk peas !

Peas have a variety of hats, eyes and mouths. They are assembled randomly by our algorithm, over nearly 100k total possibilities.

Peas' items don't all have the same probability to be picked out, thus some are peppier (rarer !) than others.

Common items have a low score, rarer ones have higher scores. Peppiness is scored from 3 to 10 and equals to the sum of its items scores.

Peakemons cards

Peppiness is very easy to witness : each background color represents a level of peppiness !
As a result of peas' generation method, peas with high peppiness levels are fewer than peas with lower peppiness levels.

Special editions
Peas from gen1 are dark-green on an uniform background color depending on their peppiness, but 12 from the monthly special edition aren't. These special 12 are known as "shiny peas".


NFTs are (very !) cool, our peas are peppy... but we feel there should be more to it !

We want our peas to be truly useful, to positively impact lives, allowing us to dream of a better tomorrow !

This is the reason why we will give 50% of the NFTs primary sell earnings to charities among:
ecology - healthcare - nutrition

Pea holding balloons

Charities will be selected by the community, at specific project milestones (see road-map below).


Pre-sales are over!

Official launch
Minting is open! You can mint a CPP NFT directly above on this website !

Raffles & competitions !
Regular events will be organized on discord and twitter to give back to our community. Prizes will either be charitable peppy peas NFTs or IRL goodies such as bucket hats, mugs...

50% sell out : first donation to charities
Once we sell out 50%, we will consult Charitable Peppy Peas NFT holders to choose the associations to which to give to. Three associations will be chosen as such : 1 for ecology, 1 for healthcare and 1 for nutrition.
50% of the primary sell earnings will then be sent to these associations.

Monthly special edition : shiny peas
A special charitable peppy pea will be issued for each month of the year. These special peas are know as "shiny peas". There will be only 12 shiny peas in Gen1.

100% sell out : second donation to charities
When all NFTs will be sold, we will proceed to the second charity donation.

Next generation : Gen2
We look forward to the Gen2 ! It's a bit early to say much about it, but we will work with the community to determine how best implement it.

Should I get a charitable peppy pea ?

This is not a financial advice, yet, in our opinion you definitely should !

Charitable peppy peas goes well beyond a classic NFT art project whose value increases over time. Here we also aim at gathering a community around a funky project that benefits to all.

Indeed, additionally to the cool NFT art item, when you buy a charitable peppy pea you're also contributing 50% of its amount to charity. That's as simple as that.

Once we reach the 50% and 100% sell out targets, charitable peppy peas NFTs holders will have the exclusive right to make their voice heard and vote for the associations to which to give to.

We also have a vision to engage with the community through regular events and their fair share of rewards. We want you to feel warm and cosy within our community, join us !

Alright, how much ?

Pea on a balance

We want charitable peppy peas to be fairly priced, affordable to all. Their price is as low as it can get: only 1 MATIC !!

Shiny peas from the monthly limited edition will be sold in auctions.


NFT ?...
NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token". It is a unique digital item that users can buy, own, sell and trade. NFTs live on blockchains, that make it possible to do exactly just that.
Charitable peppy peas NFTs live on the Polygon blockchain as ERC 721 tokens.

Where can I purchase a charitable peppy pea ?
You can mint one directly above on this website !
Once sold out, you'll be able to get one on our OpenSea page through secondary sells !
For both, you'll need Metamask installed to proceed.
Once purchased, your favourite charitable peppy pea will appear in your wallet ! You'll be able to view it directly on OpenSea.

What is Metamask ?
Metamask is a crypto wallet that can store your Ethereum, Polygon, etc. and thus NFTs that live on these blockchains. Here is a quick presentation:

In case you don't have it yet, you can get it here: https://metamask.io/download. Don't hesitate too much, it is needed for nearly everything in NFTs & crypto worlds !

50% to charities... how does it work exactly ?
When you mint a charitable peppy pea, the total amount of your purchase goes to our Smart Contract. Our Smart Contract is of public knowledge: it is visible by anyone (CPP smart contract).
As described in the road map, once we reach the milestones of 50% and 100% of NFTs sold, the community will choose associations to which to give to. At this point, 50% of the funds gathered through the sells on our Smart Contract will be transferred to them.

Sooo... what if I decide to resell my charitable peppy pea later ?
You now own the NFT, you can do as you please with it (under a non-exclusive license !). You won't be charged 50% on the sell amount.
The 50% given to charity only applies on the initial sell, to make it simple "it comes out of our pocket, not yours !".

Who are you guys ?
We are 2 long time friends, really big on technological geeky stuffs, cryptos and with creative mindsets... while at the same time very aware of our modern day limitations as a society, such as environmental "issues" and tremendous social inequalities.
This may sound a bit dissonant (and it is !), but this is what fueled this project !

Gen 2 ?!
Yes ! We're already planning on it! We'll work with the community to implement it in the best possible way.

Numbers please !
There will be 9.999 charitable peppy peas NFTs in gen1. All of them but the 12 shiny specials are algorithmically generated.
140 are reserved for giveaways, competitions and raffles. 10 additional are set aside for the team members. The remainder are all for sale.

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